Bridal Shower Cake

A bridal shower isnt complete without some tasty desserts and the queen of the table is without a doubt your bridal shower cake. You can go traditional with your bridal shower cake ideas but surprising your bride-to-be and her guests with something unique can be great fun.

Not only will you get a kick out of dreaming up beautiful cake and dessert ideas but theyll be a great conversation piece and delicious to boot!!

Whats more your bridal shower cake can be just about any dessert you like. Depending on your bridal shower theme you can get creative with your desserts offering anything from a cake tier bursting with beautiful macarons, vases full of cake pops, mousse in pretty jars, tasty cupcakes, champaign jelly in flutes, beautiful mini-cakes and of course a lovely traditional cake.

Whether you choose to make your bridal shower cakes yourself or find your desserts at a great local supplier this is your opportunity to get creative and celebrate your bride-to-be!

Here are a few of my favourite bridal shower cake ideas

If youve decided to make bridal shower cupcakes or a traditional bridal shower cake take a look at our lovely bridal shower cake sayings and bridal shower wishes for ideas on your cake topper messages.

Gorgeous Cakes

There are a million tasty cake recipes to be had but these are my top three favourites if youre looking for something that stands out from the crowd!!

#1 Pink Ombre Swirl Cake

Pink Ombre Swirl Cake
If youre looking to blow the socks of the ladies at your Bridal Shower then this gooorgeous Pink Ombre Swirl Cake is the way to go!! The talented Glory Albin from Glorious Treats created this tasty pink ombre vanilla cake with buttercream frosting. Head on over to Glorious Treats to try her recipe!

#2 No-Bake Strawberry Cheesecake

No-Bake Strawberry Cheesecake
If youre not a baking queen but youd still love to wow the ladies then this stunning No-bake Strawberry Cheesecake is for you!! Simply stock up on some fresh strawberries, some pretty flowers and follow this fantastic recipe created by Linda Lomelino from Call Me Cupcake! It doesnt get any easier or prettier than this!!

#3 Rose Water and Pistachio Cake

Rose Water and Pistachio Cake
This easy to make and incredibly tasty Rose Water and Pistachio Cake from Lulus Sweet Secrets is a nomtastic addition to your bridal shower!! Head on over to Lulus Sweet Secrets to check out Lucianas recipie!!


Bridal Shower Cupcakes


#4 Hydrangea Cupcakes for a Garden Bridal Shower

Garden Bridal Shower Hydrangea Cupcakes
These Hydrangea Cupcakes are beyond beautiful! And better yet you can learn how to make them yourself by heading on over to Glorious Treats where Glory Albin the creator of these delights will walk you through the whole process. Such sweet cupcakes for a Garden Bridal Shower!

#5 Buttercream Bridal Shower Cupcakes

Buttercream Bridal Shower Cupcakes
How about some Buttercream Cupcakes like these sweet treats made by The Sweet and Saucy Shop. Creating your own cute cupcakes with a piping bag, buttercream and some candy clay hearts is a great way to pretty up your treats table!

#6 Margarita Cupcakes for some grown up fun!

Margarita Bridal Shower Cupcakes
If youd like to set an adult theme to your Bridal Shower Party try these oh so tasty Tequila Lemon Cupcakes with Lime Buttercream!! Created by the baking talent Amanda Rettke head on over to her fabulous site i am baker for the recipe.


Bridal Shower Cake Pops


#7 Ombre Rose Cake Pops

Ombre Rose Bridal Shower Cake Pops
These Ombre Rose Cake Pops couldnt be any prettier for your bridal shower! Created by the super talented Catherine Russo from Sweet Empire.

#8 Moss Cake Pops for a Garden Bridal Shower

Garden Bridal Shower Moss Cake Pops
Catherine Russo from Sweet Empire created these delectable Dark Chocolate Mint Cake Pops. Designed to look like cute little balls of moss these tasty treats would be brilliant for a Garden Bridal Shower!

#9 Tea Pot Cake Pops for a Bridal Shower Tea Party

Bridal Shower Tea Party Cake Pops
These so cute and clever Tea Pot Cake Pops were created by the talented Catherine Russo from Sweet Empire!

#10 Heart Shaped Cake Pops

Bridal Shower Cake Pops
Stephanie Saunders from 52 Kitchen Adventures is an amazing baker who develops recipes for various magazines and websites. She created these delicious cake pops, head on over to 52 Kitchen Adventures to get your hands on this great recipe!


Mini Cakes


#11 Purple Ombre Mini Cakes

Purple Ombre Bridal Shower Mini Cakes
Mini Cakes give everyone their own tiny piece of perfection and are a great way to share the fun! Created by one very talented baker Glory Albin these Purple Ombre Mini Cakes are SO pretty. These tasty vanilla cakes are made with layers of vanilla cream cheese frosting a gorgeous rosette of frosting on top and finished with a lovely fondant butterfly. Check out Glorys recipe over at Glorious Treats!

#12 Cinderellas Ruffled Ribbon Cake

Bridal Shower Ruffled Ribbon Cakes
It seriously doesnt get cuter than these Cinderella Mini Cakes! Created by Stef from girl.Inspired. these tiny chocolate cake delights have a raspberry filling and a swiss meringue buttercream piped to perfection. Topped with a cute little cinderella craft shoe youll give youre bride the fairy tale treat she deserves! Head on over to girl.Inspired. to check out the Ruffled Ribbon Cake and the Cinderella styling!

#13 Breakfast at Tiffanys Jewlery Box Mini Cakes

Breakfast at Tiffany Mini Cakes
If your bridal shower is Breakfast at Tiffanys themed you cant go past these adorable mini cake jewlery boxes! Created by Patricia Arrib√°lzag from Cakes Haute Couture in Barcelona.




#14 Breakfast at Tiffanys Macarons

Breakfast at Tiffany's Macarons
If youre not a fan of cake you cant go wrong with these delicious French Macarons!! Pop some cute costume rings on top and you have your Breakfast at Tiffanys theme ready to go! These tasty treats were created by the nomtastic Sweet and Saucy Shop.

#15 Heart Shaped Raspberry Cream Macarons

Raspberry Cream Macarons
Karen Chong from the Mad Baker made these gorgeous Heart Macorons with raspberries and raspberry cream! Head on over to Mad Baker for more of her beautiful baking ideas! Not only does Karen have the Mad baking skills but shes a brilliant photographer (I defy you not to love her macrons above!)

#16 Macaron Tower

Macaron Tower
If youve decided to go with macarons over cake why not go all out with a Macaron Tower? Head to your local patisserie and build youre own rainbow! This beautiful tower was captured over at Mummy Bella Blog.


In a Jar!


#17 Kirsch Cherry Trifle

Cherry Trifle
Want something luxurious that doesnt take hours to make? How bout these tasty Kirsch Cherry Trifles? A super tasty recipe by Linda Lomelino from Call Me Cupcake these only take about 10 minutes to make! Check out the recipe at Call Me Cupcake (scroll down the page!).

#18 Guava Giner and White Chocolate Mousse

Guava Ginger White Chocolate Mousse
How about this elegant and petty Guava Mousse? Made with guave, ginger, white chocolate and a touch of lemon. Head on over to the Daily Fix to check out the recipe!

#19 Plaint Parfait for a Garden Bridal Shower

Plant Parfait
These Plant Parfaits are a cute idea for a Garden Bridal Shower! Fast and easy to make these chocolate and mint treats will look beautiful on youre desert table. Created by The TomKat Studio for Pottery Barn, head on over to check out the recipe!


Something Different!


#20 Pretty Petal Ice Lollies

Pretty Petal Ice Lollies
If you want something unusual and beautiful how about making these gorgeous Pretty Petal Ice Lollies? This recipe is created by the lovely Lucy Heath from Captured by Lucy. Made with elderflower cordial or cherry flavoured water and the petals of your choice! This pretty treat would be brilliant for a Garden Bridal Shower!

#21 Pink Ombre Pancakes with Marshmallow Fluff Frosting

Pink Ombre Pancakes
Om Nom Nom!! I dont need to tell you how great these Pink Ombre Pancakes look! If youre having a Bridal Shower Breakfast these tasty treats are a BRILLIANT alternative to cake!! Created by the amazing Amanda Rettke from i am baker, check out her tasty recipe here!

#22 Rose Petal Champagne Jelly

 Rose Petal Chamgagne Jelly
Rose Petal Chamgagne Jelly is sooo good! Ive made this one several times myself, I just LOVE the flavour and bubbly texture of the jelly! Such a pretty and elegant treat and lovely for any themed Bridal Shower!! This beautiful treat was created by Klaudyna Hebda from Ziolowy Zakatek (Herbs Corner). Head on over to her site to check out her recipe!

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